Dinah, Won’t You Blow

Dinah, Won't You Blow

The entire walk to Mossbrae Falls I kept having the song Ive Been Working on the Railroad stuck in my head. … All the livelong day … To get to this waterfall you have to walk just over a mile along the Union Pacific Railroad tracks. Due to a couple accidents in 2011 the town of Dunsmuir began to discourage people from visiting the waterfalls. We went anyways. A couple trains passed by but we were safely out of the way when they did.

Willie and I left early Friday morning, spent the night in Shasta County, took some early morning photos and drove home. I think we spent more time driving than we did shooting and sleeping. We visited Burney Falls the evening before, had a surprisingly delicious meal (in which the waiter served us a number of free tasty treats … personally I think he was hitting on Willie) and found our way to Mossbrae Falls.

Compared to the gigantic Burney Falls, Mossbrae seems almost like a trickle. Theres no real defined waterfall but rather its more of a weeping wall. A number of other photographers will prob. agree with me that this section of the wall is the most photogenic of the entire set of falls here. I tried a number of angles from various spots and ultimately decided I liked this composition the best. I just love how the green moss grows all over the walls and goes perfectly with the waterfall.

Nikon D800 w/Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED AF-S:
32mm, f/9, 13 sec, ISO 100

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