Factory Wall

Factory Wall

Willie, David, and I spent a few days exploring Factory Butte in Southern Utah. Its a neat area because it has the giant Factory Butte, beautiful badlands, stunning mesas and plateaus, and crazy desert landscape. Theres a lot to photograph in this area and I can see why we randomly ran into a few of our photographer friends.

On our last morning here we woke up early and traveled up a dirt road in search of a view that would look on the wall of Factory Butte. We found a set of rocks that we could climb onto that would give us a little bit of an elevated view onto the Butte.

Using the big bazooka (Sigma 150-600mm lens) I decided to shoot a large panoramic photo of Factory Butte. I couldnt quite decide which section I loved best, so I just photographed it all, stitched it in Autopano Giga, and let all the pixels do their thing. Here is a 100 megapixel crop that I loved the best, with all the lines coming down, grabbing your eye

Nikon D800 w/Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary:
250mm, f/10, 1/3 sec, ISO 320

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