Lake San Antonio Sunrise

Lake San Antonio Sunrise

The the past 2 years my roommate and I have planned a big trip down to Paso Robles, CA for her birthday. We rent a huge house and have 25 of our closest friends together to celebrate, have fun, and go wine tasting. This year we rented a house in between 2 lakes (Lake San Antonio and Lake Nacimiento) that had a gorgeous view of one of the fingers of Lake San Antonio.

Saturday morning was a full lunar eclipse and several of us got up early hoping to get a glimpse of the moon. Unfortunatey 2 things prevented us from seeing it: 1) the house looked north east and the lunar eclipse was mostly west facing and near the horizon and 2) clouds rolled in and covered up the eclipse

Fortunately for me, the clouds rolling in meant that the sunrise would be beautiful and sure enough, it was I spent a little while setting up and figuring out my composition after I stopped trying to see the lunar eclipse and I waited for the sun to rise. There was already some color peaking up over the mountains but I knew that the more I waited the more color would lit up in the clouds. Sure enough, I was treated to an absolutely beautiful sunrise So glad I woke up early for this :) . I had to heavily crop this image because I was pretty far away from the composition that I wanted. I didnt purchase an adapter ring for my Lee Filter holder that would fit on my 70-300mm lens so I had to stick with the 24-70 and then crop it. I suppose I should have thrown the lens on my D300s instead of my D700 and used the D300s but oh well. It came out great anyways :) .

Nikon D700 w/Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED AF-S:

70mm, f/11, 4.1 sec, ISO 320, Tripod

Lee Filter Holder 0.9 HiTech soft grad ND 0.9 HiTech reverse ND

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