Lower Bridalveil

Lower Bridalveil

For anyone whos followed my photos for a while this photo may be familiar. I took a very very similar shot about 2-3 years ago. 2 years ago I discovered (as did many others) that when the falls are barely trickling you can walk into the rocks and towards the granite rock face behind Bridalveil. When you get closer all of a sudden this gorgeous little waterfall opens up (Ill call it Lower Bridalveil Falls). I originally took this on a Nikon D40x, handheld, since i had decided to leave my camera/tripod in the car (oops). Ive been wanting to take a better (high quality) photo ever since.

Willie, Will, and I only had about 40 minutes before we wanted to hit the road so we ran super fast to the start of the little river where I knew this waterfall would be. We had to slow down when we got to the rocks because they were REALLY slippery and it was fairly complicated making our way through the maze of rocks over to Lower Bridalveil. We got there, setup our tripods as best we could, clicked away, and then raced back. Unfortunately Willie slipped at one point and bumped his shin a bit. He could still walk but it was uncomfortable.

Im not sure I like my new photo better but it was taken with a better camera, with better glass, and with a tripod, so yea.

Nikon D300s w/Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED AF-S:
27mm, f/10, 0.4 sec, ISO 200, Tripod
BW F-Pro Circular Polarizer. Cant remember if I used ND Grads

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