Ridge Lytton Springs

Ridge Lytton Springs

Ive been a club member (ATP collection) of Ridge Winery now for a year or two and really like their wine (obviously). They have 2 tasting rooms, one in Cupertino (called their Montebello Tasting Room because its on Montebello Road, in the Santa Cruz Mountains overlooking all of the Bay Area) and one in Sonoma (called the Lytton Springs Tasting Room because its on Lytton Springs Rd). I go to the Montebello Tasting room fairly often because they have monthly events but this was the first time at the Lytton Springs tasting room.

Heres their big barrel room where they store all (well, a lot of it) their wine to age in barrels. Here you see some barrels from 2004. I think the wine in it is the 2010 harvest though, as some of the barrels have masking tape that says 10ZNLS which stands for 2010, Zinfindel, Lytton Springs or 10ZNEB for 2010, Zinfindel, East Bench.

As a side-note: Ridge specializes in single-vineyard winemaking. What this means is that instead of producing a wine that has grapes from various vineyards, all the grapes in a specific bottle came from the same vineyard. Additionally, instead of making a 100 Zinfandel or a Merlot their bottles are named after the vineyard the grapes come from and contain all the grapes that were grown there. So if the vineyard happened to have Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Carignane grapes (like the Lytton Springs vineyard), their Lytton Springs wine will have all 3 in it.

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