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Preparing for a photo-vacation is both exciting and frustrating. I research locations, lookup moon and…

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Brarfoss (pronounced Broo-ar-foss, slightly roll the first r) might be one of the most photographed…

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With so many of Icelands tourist attractions right off its Ring Road some visitors never…

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Back in May I was lucky enough to travel to the Big Island of Hawaii for a week long vacation. We did a lot of really amazing things … like scuba diving with Manta Rays, or jumping off 40 foot cliffs at the southern most point in the U.S.A … but by far the most breathtaking part of the vacation was our visit to the lava! The lava flow moves east and west along the coast and you can never predict where the lava will be flowing at a given time (see map below). Lately, the flow has been about 2 miles from the town of Kalapana. This meant a fairly easy 4 mile roundtrip hike out to the lava and back. It is highly recommend that you go with a trained guide, should you choose to go to the lava.

Lava Flow Locations
Lava Flow Locations since 1982, according to the USGS

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